Sunday, November 28, 2010

Painting the West MacDonnell Ranges

The Chrismas group show at the Walcha Gallery of Art opened on Friday. Walcha is about an hours drive from Tamworth where I am working at the moment. It was a busy day as at work there were meetings that were pretty heavy going. Sometimes it is hard to achieve the work-life balance necessary to paint with a calm mind. It often seems to be that the house and garden go to pot if I am working towards a show. One day I will be able to "do it all". The exhibition included paintings by Ross Laurie, Angus Nivison, Barbara McKay. There were also sculptures by Stephen King and Myfanwy Gullifer among others. Ross taught me a long time ago and his paintings are about the land he lives on, or is it "in" and are in cheerful colours. When he taught me and he preferred greys and browns. I remember us doing colour charts in which we mixed the different blues and the different greys. We added white to each combination. What resulted was, in the case of the colours that were predominantly blue a beautiful range of subtle silvers. I have put here an example of the other artists work in that show.
Ross Laurie

Angus Nivison

Barbara McKay

Stephen King

Rosalie Rigby

Myfanwy Gullifer

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