Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tablelands trees. Mixed media on canvas. 51cm x 40cm

I sent two small works down to the Postcard Exhibition at Linden Gallery in Melbourne. They were both based on the NSW bushfires. I have had four days straight to work on my painting so am finding that I can maintain an idea through a series. The works are still 30cm x 30cm and in oils. I am now working to get a body of work together for my exhibition at the Dubbo Regional Gallery. The works will mostly be of my local landscape. I have called the exhibition "No place like home". This is a photograph of one of the works that I had in my Brisbane exhibition a few months ago. I had more paintings in Brisbane than I could hang.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Angorichina, South Australia Acrylic on canvas 152cm x 122cm

Happy New Year. I hope this year is a happy and fulfilling one. It is shaping up to be already. Hopefully we will be at peace with each other and with the natural world in 2010.