Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have just returned from a trip to Tasmania. I went with two of my sons to Hobart and Bruny Island to catch up with friends and family. Although cold it was a lovely trip. Tassie is still untouched and relatively undeveloped. Northern Bruny Island has a small strip of shacks along a long sandy beach. I was able to take many photographs and do some sketches. I am looking forward to paintings based on the incredibly beautiful skies and sea of the area.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Had a beautiful day drawing and painting trees. The trunks of the trees were smooth creams with patches of tan and orange. Some trees had these smooth trunks where the bark had peeled down. Others had the rough  bark striped up the trunks. The upper branches writhed at odd twisted angles. The birds were singing. A picnic lunch with family, a billy tea, charcoal and new rag paper sketch book. A perfect Saturday. Some photos of the area:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hills near home. Watercolour sketch on paper

I will be having another sale of my old work next Sunday in Armidale. I had a sale last week in Tamworth and sold a lot of work. I am downsizing and don't want to have to store much work. I would like, also, to think that the paintings are on someone's wall where it can be enjoyed. I probably sold quite a lot because they were very inexpensive. The prices were mostly less than the cost of the frames or other materials. I was aiming to clear my art out rather than to make a profit or put on an exhibition. As the work is that done up to two years ago it is work that I wouldn't now put in an exhibition. I am thinking that I might investigate having an online auction if there is sufficient work left to warrant it. I will have to look into how this is done. I imagine it would be done via Paypal. I would rather that it is just of my artwork rather than being on ebay. I am not sure if that can be done on a Blog or via another site on the internet.
Flowers. Watercolour on paper