Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another outback landscape painting

It is grey outside and has been raining off and on. It is unusual for this time of the year in Tamworth. It would usually being consistently hot by now. Extremes in weather conditions are always in the news. We have experienced floooding and drought here but I can't imagine what it would be like to spend long periods in snow as so many parts of the owrld do. I will be working in Tamworth for about three more weeks then back to Armidale. I am looking forward to the change. I haven't painted since the last rush to get my work to the Walcha Gallery. I now have a body of work ready so couldl put on an exhibition with very little preparation necessary. This is a great position to be in. I am putting here a photo of a painting. It is really a "painting in progress" as I think it needs changing and who knows how much it will change. This can be small additions or it can become unrecognisable as being from the some work. Usually it is the latter as the last stage can often be a quick and gestural attempt to convey the essence of what originally caught my eye. This work also is from the West MacDonnell Ranges and is 50 x 70cm. It is acrylic and gouache on paper.


"All things French" said...

Hi Rosalie I love the colour you have used in this painting ~ somewhere between brick red and a pink. What would you call it ??

Margaret Bednar said...

I like the touches of blue you have put in - they compliment this painting nicely. Huge rock formations always are breathtaking and I like your take on the challenge word "Triumphant".

If you don't mind putting the "In the Moment" link to this post, that would be nice. It would help spread the exposure. Thank you for participating.