Sunday, November 7, 2010

Glen Helen Gorge, Northern Territory
Oil on canvas 30cm x 30cm
This is one of the paintings that came from my trip to the outback. I have started a series of these. I have completed a couple of small canvases and am now working on some larger works on paper


Jean Hutter said...

I really like this painting - the warm coloring is beautiful. I love working in a series - one painting suggests the next and you are on a roll.

Thanks for visiting my blog - I appreciate your comments. Happy Painting ; )

Kitty said...

I would love, love, love to visit your country. I've felt a kinship with all Australians I've met, and the photos (and now paintings!) I've seen are incredible.

Margaret Bednar said...

Hi Rosalie, I think these are really modern and fun. I can see them in an office building, in a home - the colors are warm and inviting. Thanks for entering the In the Moment challenge. If you don't mind mentioning the challenge and link it my page, that would be more exposure for us. Also if you participate another time, please try to link the specific post to the entered submission. (if you need help, just holler my way and I will respond) That way people can comment specifically on the painting you entered. Thank you.

Rosalie said...

Thanks for the comments. This was painted on a fun, happy painting trip to the outback. I was blown away by the colours. Apparently it was the best rain they've had for ages and Lake Eyre in the centre of Australia was full - a rare event. Seeds that have lain dormant for years grow again. While there was green and water around the dirt and rock was a was a stunning red, orange and purple. The sky at times was a clear cerulean blue, at others a misty grey.