Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lately I have been getting my work organised and framed for my exhibition in Dubbo. I have been trying to organise my thoughts about my art. I would like to communicate in this exhibition why the landscape is so involving for me. What is it that is so compelling and what is it about the land that gives me such joy. It is more than being about the look of a particular place. It is about the earth as living and forceful as evidenced by the easily visible landforms. One just has to see the way in which the force of the volcano in Iceland brought so much human activity to a standstill to realise that it is the primeval forces of nature existing eternally that guides landform and land use.

This morning I went to a friend Barbara Mackay's floor talk at her exhibition at the New England Regional Art Museum. She paints in a beautifully free lyrical way. This is a link to her blog with images of her work and writing about them.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The gorge. Oil on canvas 30cmX30cm

Last weekend I went to Dubbo to meet the Gallery Director and to see the space that I will be exhibiting in. It is an interesting and exciting space in that the walls are moveable allowing a freedom in the layout. It allows a way of using a space that can say something about the art and art process. I'm not sureyet how I will use this space but it would be challenging to include something of my artmaking process and how the process reflects my relationship with the land and depicted reactions to it. It has introduced a whole other factor to the meaning of the works and the process of communicating with the viewer which is very exciting.