Friday, April 6, 2012

I have been painting trees in a paddock near my home. There is a particular outcrop of gums among some large granite boulders that has a particular atmosphere. Amongst the rocks and trees in the middle of a paddock a farmer has been buried by his family. They brought him to the place to bury him in the land that he had worked and loved.

It is cattle country with a large sprawling house with verandahs all around - an old Australian farmhouse. Generations of the family have lived there and become of the larger community. Three sons and a son-in-law in one generation died fighting in World War One. The father of those boy,s it was said in a local news item of the time, died of a broken heart.

The grave is a deep grey marble colour blending in with the grey of the granite. The only difference is in the smoothness of the stone. A person wouldn't know it was there unless they went into the centre. There are no other markers.

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