Friday, April 1, 2011

Hills near home. Watercolour sketch on paper

I will be having another sale of my old work next Sunday in Armidale. I had a sale last week in Tamworth and sold a lot of work. I am downsizing and don't want to have to store much work. I would like, also, to think that the paintings are on someone's wall where it can be enjoyed. I probably sold quite a lot because they were very inexpensive. The prices were mostly less than the cost of the frames or other materials. I was aiming to clear my art out rather than to make a profit or put on an exhibition. As the work is that done up to two years ago it is work that I wouldn't now put in an exhibition. I am thinking that I might investigate having an online auction if there is sufficient work left to warrant it. I will have to look into how this is done. I imagine it would be done via Paypal. I would rather that it is just of my artwork rather than being on ebay. I am not sure if that can be done on a Blog or via another site on the internet.
Flowers. Watercolour on paper

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